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Hey Metal god. I just did the same thing. My oldest just moved out and i took over her room for the same purpose. I set mine up almost as you are talking about. I have one of those PVC table about 6 feet long from walmart for cleaning right below the window. I built a soilid bench 5 feet long for my press,mounted shelfves for the dies and such.I got a desk against one wall for my computer and paper work. Went to Menards and picked up a stackable shelf set for my powder,primers and such. I have carpet in the room,but i got 2 good sized area rugs to put down in the 2 places where messes could accure. I also took some plywood i had laying around made a box 2 times the size of my tumbler,put wheels on it and a cheese cloth cover for tumbleing in the room. My man cave is,,, well i spend a lot of time down there. Wife say;s maybe you need a bed down there too. I am still wondering about putting some form of steel rods or something over the window to deter any one from wanting to get in and a solid wood or steel entry door. As i keep my rifles in there also. I do have a fire exh in there also,but i mounted that right by the entrance door.
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