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Had an opportunity to speak with another old grunt at the range yesterday. He assured me that upon return to the states, they were stripped of all US weaponry, and had to have all souveniers OK'd and signed over, as the photos erlier in this thread attest to. Also noted that upon release from the service they had to sign paperwork in which the Marine had to describe his physical condition, etc. Said if a man refused to sign, they would be held at base until they did, and that most guys just wanted to be on their way. I have also heard this from those who served in the army, that to get the ruptured duck, they had to indemnify the government from any future claims by signing paperwork establishing their physical and mental well being. Interesting.
Also interesting to note that all the "stories" of men keeping arms they had in combat appear to be largely just that, stories, and that the most likely true source for those arms was post war civilian purchase, in spite of what "Grandpa" said.
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