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Originally Posted by wheelyfun
Sig P220 Compact:
under 30 ounces
6+1 capacity
great trigger (mine has short reset and short reach trigger)
flawless fit and finish
Zero malfunctions through 700 rounds

Mine is the newest version: 220 Compact SAS gen 2
Nice looking gun. I am a big SIG fan. I had a 226 which was decent, but what really did it for me was the 229 I used to have. I loved that gun (I wish I didn't sell it). I really like my SIG P290RS, it is a terrific small subcompact single stack 9mm. SIG doesn't really put out a pistol I don't like. Even the P250, which gets a lot of flak online, is high on my list. As much as I like my P290, and as interested in the 250 as I am, the metal framed SIGs are my favorite. They have the practical no-nonsense look like a Glock, yet like a 1911, CZ or Hi-Power, they are esthetically pleasing as well. They are reliable, accurate, and very well made. Unfortunately, they are expensive (and a little wide at 1.5"), which is what will probably have me go with the 250 if I go SIG.

The 220 Compact is a good gun. I like it and if I see a good deal used I will certainly consider it. However, the 220 Carry is higher on my list. I am a big fan of commander sized 1911s (like my S&W 1911SC), and I like other guns that follow the same concept. The 220 Carry has the shorter Compact slide, with the full-sized 220's frame. For a cost of 0.5" greater height (i.e. only a small cost in concealment ease), you get 2 more rounds, an easier to control gun (a larger and more comfortable grip), yet the shorter barrel makes for an easier to conceal gun than a full-size. The Carry is less than an ounce heavier than the Compact. Both are good guns, and if I see a nice deal on one (probably used) I'll consider both, but the 220 Carry fits my preferences a little better.
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