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It is true that I'm not a huge Glock fan. A biggie is Gaston Glock's politics and ties to the late Jorg Haider. I don't want to hijack my own thread, but my being Jewish and Glock being independently owned, it is hard for me to spend my money on one while Gaston Glock is alive (at 82 it probably won't be long until I feel better about buying one). Of course, I can get around that by shopping used (and even new, so little of my money would actually go to Glock that I will buy the best gun for me, no matter who makes it, I am not actually boycotting Glock, it is just one factor). Every time I shop for a gun niche which a Glock can fill, I shop Glock. On paper, many of them should be strong competitors, but in my hand the ergonomics don't do it for me; they aren't bad, but they aren't great for me either. The biggest factor that has kept me from buying one so far is the trigger. I'm just not a fan of most striker fired guns, the trigger is usually too springy for my tastes.

That said, the Glock 30 has a number of advantages and will be high on my list. Reasonable cost, 10 round mag, light (24oz), thin (1.27"), short (4.8"), and with a sub-4" barrel (good for concealment). Yet, it is a tad longer than many short barreled guns allowing for a slightly better sight radius. Further, the 3.77" barrel meets my minimum length and by itself will be an improvement over any 3" or 3.5" barrel at addressing the .45ACP weaknesses in a short barrel. The Glock octagonal rifling is a big advantage here as well. It is more efficient than traditional rifling allowing better accuracy and better velocity out of a shorter barrel. With the 3.77" barrel and octagonal rifling, I suspect that bullet performance out of the G30 would be similar to .45ACP performance out of a 4" barrel, with a slightly better length for CCW. In fact, on paper it may be perfect for what I'm looking for, I just have to get over my political distaste for Glock and the trigger.

As for the Kahrs, I probably won't consider the CW45 (though the price is nice), but I may consider the P45. The 3.64" barrel and traditional rifling of the CW45 may keep me away. The closer you get to a 3.5" barrel in .45ACP the more velocity will suffer. Short barreled .45ACP tends to have an issue with consistent hollow point expansion. The 3.54" barrel on the P45 has Kahr's polygonal rifling which is more efficient and provides better velocity and thus might perform closer to a 4" barrel, so I think on the .45ACP it may be worth the extra money. I'm also not crazy about the fact that the mag only holds 6 rounds, barely meeting my minimum, and I'd much rather be close to the 8 rounds my S&W 1911SC it will replace holds. If I go Kahr, I'm most likely to go with the TP45 with its 4" polygonal rifled barrel and 7 round mag, but then, it is getting pretty expensive (especially with night sights).
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