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Thanks again. I'll use 60 as a minimum.

I toggle back and forth between being an AK guy and an AR guy. The availability and accessories for AKs can be a little fatiguing although I love the reliability and the tolerance for user neglect.

I'm going to try to the AR world, now. Most would say that I have probably over-bought with this Daniel Defense for such a newbie, but from my survey of the firearm landscape, it (like Bravo) is routinely sold out in most outlets..... so if I ever decide to let it go, I'll have no problem moving it if I'm willing to take a minor loss.

DPMS, CMMG, and the usual seem to be available all the time there is a bit more competition when attempting to sell.

I do have a small bit of SHTF vibe, so ammo is nice to have (even if you don't have a gun to shoot it!).
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