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Thanks Scorch,

I just couldn't remember. By watching the action in slow motion, it didn't appear that the cartridge had a chance to slip under the extractor until it was chambered.

I'm going to shoot it this morning and see if it loosens up a bit. I'm pretty sure the amount of force needed to ride the extractor over the rim is more than normal. But a clean patch down the bore removed only a little bit of grease and no powder residue. Either someone was really good at cleaning or it hasn't been fired. It does have some damage to the blue on the receiver from hand oil. In the right light and covered in a light layer of oil, you can hardly notice it. Other than that it some very minor handling dings in the wood.

A lever gun wasn't high on my list of rifles to get but the wife found this one by asking the lady who ran the estate sale if they had any guns. Turns out that person doesn't like to display the firearms. She had it priced by someone she knows and had a standing offer of $350. I offered $380 and walked away with it.

And just so I don't get the "without pictures it didn't happen" I tried to post some photos, but have to reduce the size of them. Give me a few minutes and I'll post some pictures.
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