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Have seen the same Gunplummer.

I'm surrounded by woods and have heated with wood for many years. The deer that hang out in this area are used to running chainsaws and log splitters as well.

Have been on one side of the yard cutting and splitting and had deer on the other side of the yard eating flowers out of the garden. There has always been a lot of logging,select cutting etc. done in this area and I too, think the deer start relating to the sound of a chainsaw and fresh tree top browse.

Far as deer getting used to things, many years ago, when I lived in the city, I lived near a Metro Park (Blacklick Woods for those familiar with Reynoldsburg,Ohio) and the deer were very over populated. Park is in the city limits in a very populated area surrounded by housing. NO hunting of any kind.

With people feeding the deer and the deer getting used to seeing many people everyday, the deer got to the point of not fearing people. Was nothing to be walking the kids on one of the paths and have to stop no more then 20ft. or so from a half dozen deer browsing along the same path. When you started to continue to walk towards them, they would move just off the path into the woods maybe 10-15 ft or so, wait for you to walk by and come back out for more browsing.
Unfortunately, the deer herd got so large, the Metro Park officials decided to do a big relocation of deer that turned into a huge fiasco with more deer dying then surviving the move.

All that was a bit off topic but deer will get used to about anything if they see it on a daily basis.
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