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Yeah, I'm probably making it a way bigger deal than it is, I've realized that after some more research I've done. Lefteyedom, I'd say you're right. It's the reason a lot of companies go bankrupt.

They'll introduce a new gun, or well, any product. They see they're selling a certain amount. They produce extra in case sales spike, in order to eliminate a potential backorder/production problem. Fine. They then realize they sold about x of this product. Apparently, they feel the need to produce twice x of the product, even knowing their sales won't reach anywhere near the number produced.

This is what creates an aggravating "Alright, let's just throw all these guns somewhere because we produced way too many!". Repeat next year. You'd think companies would spend their money and resources in so many others ways, rather than creating an imaginary surplus that they'll never need. I bet if I went to buy an XL7 10 years from now, I'll probably wind up with one from this year!
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