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Thanks for all the replies, I did a little experiment with it today, put on a ching sling and removed the handguard/bands because they seemed to be exerting some pressure, shimmed the reciever up front about a sixteenth of an inch, so that the chamber was still within the reach of the wood but the barrel had a beautiful little float to it, i figured, hey, if it shoots like ****, I'll pop the reciever out, pull out the shims, and go back to normal. Nothing permanent here, just a test to see if bedding/floating is even worth it in this stock.

Crazy thing is, it was... To the RSO's displeasure, I found a large piece of shale, which is real fun to shoot, about six inches square and set it up high on the backstop, so about a hundred and a quarter. Iron sights, ching sling, prone, hit the thing the first time, hit one of the fragments with a second, and hit the ammo box i used to mark it with the third. Shales good because 22 just makes a loud crack when it hits and the bigger stuff actually blows it up which makes it easy to tell I wasn't just hitting backstop. That was good enough for me and I spent the rest of the day shooting 270.

So i figured that out at least, now I'm gonna take tobn's advice and cut/recrown the barrel, see if that improves my paper accuracy, which is still at minute of paper plate. Best group today with it, out of fifty rounds and five targets, was five shots in three and a half inches, at a buck twenty five.

What do you guys think about those home recrowning kits? Are they legit? I could possibly access a drill press but it would be a bitch because I no longer live anywhere near it. College kid on a college kid budget so I tend to phase out the word "gunsmith"...

EDIT: Also, couldn't I just cut the bolt at a 45 degree angle and turn the cut piece so it faces down, and tig weld it? or do I have to go out and buy a new bolt?

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