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I just don't understand...

Let me start my rant by saying I went to a gun show today to look at 9mm pistols. I'm partial to the 1911 platform in .45 but have been thinking about getting a 9mm for awhile. My wife doesn't like my .45 so I thought I'd go and see what's out there and maybe find something we both like. We walked around until we found a table with a Beretta 92f and some Glocks on it. My wife liked the looks of the Beretta but her hands were too small and mine were too big. Next I looked at a Glock 17. She didn't like how it felt in her hand, plus she thought it looked like a toy. The guy running the table over heard her and started asking her questions and was very helpful and knowledgeable. He recommended she look at a S&W M&P and pointed out a couple of guys that were selling them. He was right, it fit both our hands and she liked how it looked but that's when it hit me, almost every pistol and we looked at either had a "rail" on it or a forward serrations. Now for the rant. Lol

Why are firearm makers so obsessed with putting rails or forward serrations on everything they make? It's fine if someone wants to buy unnecessary aftermarket gimmicks so they can turn their perfectly good firearm into a Christmas tree and hang all kinds of useless junk off it. But what about those of us just want a firearm and not some mutant Swiss Army knife/gun? Why not offer the model both ways?

I'll never understand why anyone would want to mount a flashlight on their firearm. All a flashlight does is, tell whoever you're looking for where you are AND gives them a nice target to aim at. Trust me, in the dark, they'll see that flashlight long before you'll see them.

I know it just cosmetic but I just can't stand the sight of a rails or forward serrations. I've heard they can be helpful if you have a scope mounted on your pistol. Realisticly speaking tbough, how many shooters ever mount a scope? I know some do but I doubt the majority ever will. So why the forward serrations? Are manufacturers trying to make buyers think their lower level pistols are on par with their line of competion models? I prefer a plain slide and see forward serrations as an unnecessary addition that just ruins the look of what would, otherwise, be a really nice looking pistol. I'm a fan of "if ain't broke, don't fix it".

I don't know, maybe it's just me but it about broke my heart the first time I saw a rail being offered on the 1911 platform.

It's a shame some firearm makers don't offer models without rails or the forward serrations. I probably would have bought the S&W if it came without rails on it.

Anyone else hate rails or think manufacturers have gone too far? or am I alone?

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