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In this area, figure on paying between $15 and $20 to shoot at an indoor range. I've never been charged by the hour, but I have had to wait for a lane if it's a busy day.

Most of them have some sort of membership program that provides reduced range fees (and sometimes other discounts) if you pay an annual fee. How much it reduces your effective cost to shoot, in practice, depends on how often you shoot.

The largest indoor range in the area has a membership program that will save you money if you use the range at least 13 times a year, or, if you also purchase a prepaid punch card for an additional discount, you can break even shooting only 10 times a year.

Some offer additional discounts when you renew your membership, for example, at the aforementioned range, your membership fee is reduced by 25% the first renewal and by 50% for your second renewal.

If you're shooting quite often, you should inquire about higher levels of membership. Again, going back to the range discussed above, it allows "Gold" members to shoot for free. Of course, the annual fee for that "privilege" is considerable. But if you regularly shoot a couple of times a month or more, it would pay off. And down the road, when the membership fee discount kicks in at your renewal, it gets even more economical.

If you need to rent a gun, you can usually get one for around $10, but you must buy the range's ammunition. They won't allow you to use your own ammunition. That generally ups the practical cost of a rental significantly since the indoor ranges I know of seem to all have a very impressive markup on their ammunition.

Ear and eye pro may be provided free, or there may be a small fee of $1 or $2 depending on the range.
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