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"More popular than ever? Seriously?"

Judging by some of the sales figures that are available from previous years... yes.

Not as popular as semi-autos, but not anything even remotely resembling a dying breed, either.

When I worked for American Rifleman back in the 1990s, at the height of the Wonder9 craze, I did an article on the small-frame revolver options that were then available.

While none of the companies I talked to (Smith, Taurus, Ruger, among others) would give me solid sales figures, all said that even then their revolvers, especially their smaller revolvers, were consistently breaking yearly sales projections.

Most telling is what the companies were doing at that time...

They weren't scaling back revolver production, they were coming out with new models every year, adding to the lineups already in production.

You don't do that if they're not selling.
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