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Carpet is fine, its no more a fire hazard than the pounds of powder and primers you will have in there... The downside of course is cleanup of any spills and/or small parts.... some sort of smooth flooring would be my choice if possible....

Never hurts to have a fire extinguisher nearby, and dont just stick it in the corner, I like to plan where I put mine for the most likley spot. Figure out where a fire might start, then place it as if I had just started a small fire and stood up/backed away so that its reachable from there... obviously having it ON your reloading bench or cleaning area is a bad plan, since you might then have to reach over the fire to get it.... You dont have to go crazy and get a giant 10 pounder, just a little one is all you need, considering the stuff you will have in that room, if a 1-2 second burst isnt going to take care of it, you best be running, IMO...

A window that opens and a fan are a good idea if you are going to clean guns in there, and especialy if you plan to cast bullets.
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