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Agreed anythoing could happen.Agreed,its possible a defective scope escaped Leupold.If so,they will take care of you.

Sometimes there is more to mounting a scope than having a retail clerk who happens to work behind a guncounter screw the parts together.A perfectly good scope can fail due to ring and mount misalignment.

Boresighting using a device at the gunstore is a nice convenience to save a little ammo and probably get you on paper at 100 yds,but if you are off paper at 100 yds,try 25 yds.Saves going back to town.

Now,one thing I am curious about.You mentioned an elevation turret,and you said the scope had no elevation adjustment.That opens some possibilities.

What do you have?Target knob? CDS?,Stoney point accessory knobs?

Target knob,uses setscrews so you can set ref zero.Setscrews tight?CDS,I have not tried yet,have you studied the instructions?

Stoney Point knob,accessory that engages factory elevation adj,if that is what is there,likely it is not a scope problem,but an accessory problem.

It will be a good outfit when you sort it out!
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