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Turning a small bedroom in to a gun room

I'm going to make a gun room in my house for working on guns cleaning guns and reloading . What are some of the must to have and what are the don'ts.

Like carpet . Is it a bad idea if reloading ( fire hazard )

what should the floor be ? (concrete is not an option )

What safety equipment ? fire extinguisher etc ?

Any particular need for good ventilation other than having the door open ?

Do I want one area for reloading and one for cleaning and tinkering ? It's a small room but I do have 2 good size table/desks to use . I can put them together and make one big work station or have two seperate work areas .

How do you guys like to set up your gun space , reloading area

Im just not sure where to start . I just cleaned the room out so it's empty now and I'd like to set it up right the first time and not have to redo it in 6 months cus I rushed it .

Yes I may be over thinking it but any help would be great .

Thanks Metal
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