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Bill Carson
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I also recommend the Layman great plains rifle. Currently, Track has a used one for $399.00. They also have new ones at $533.99 and if you don't mind doing some finishing work, they have kits at $423.99. Calibers very 50 or
54. Mykeal's list of needed supplies is a good guide. My thoughts would be to stay with a traditional muzzleloader. They are more user friendly. I've seen many newbes struggle with inlines, but not as much with traditional. Also, the new guys using traditional loose powder and patched roundball seem to show up at the range more. Here's an important consideration, traditional muzzleloaders do not depreciate their monetary value like inlines. Many long time members started out with TC, Layman, CVA, Traditions, ect and grew into the sport permanently. Now many of them over the years have graduated to shooting flintlocks. Myself, totally traditional. Today, I went small game hunting with a 1650's vintage scottish snaphunce fowler, 20 guage. Be sure to check out Track. Let us know how you do. B.C.
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