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Well of course Kathy is right... a person has to choose their own self defense weapon, man or woman.

My wife could have chosen anything she wanted. cost was not an issue. After trying a lot of different handguns, she chose a snub hammerless ruger sp101 with a crimson trace laser grip sight, and loaded it with 38+p. I was a bit suprised because she was shooting the small auto pistols so well, and she has always shot my Glocks like a champ.

Fast forward a couple of years, and she wants something lighter and thinner. After shooting a lot of options (including my walther pps) it was a toss up between the Kahr CW9 and the Ruger LC9. She shot the bersa 380 and the LCP, but was not confident in the potency of the 380 cartridge. I thought the Kahr was the nicer weapon, but she had a stovepipe on the second mag, and later a failure to return to battery. The LC9 was flawless. So that is what she got, and she carries it every day.
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