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I have a Lee 4 hole turret press that I load 9mm, 40 S&W, .223 and .308 Win on.

The pistol rounds take me an hour to do 50 rounds, after the brass is tumbled. I weigh each charge and I enjoy the reloading process, so an hour is fine with me. I only shoot about 200 rounds of 9mm and 200 rounds of 40 S&W per month, so I can keep up with it, no problem.

The rifle rounds will take me an hour to do 20 rounds, because of all the extra prep, like chamfer and deburring, cleaning primer pockets. This is fine too, because I shoot about 40-60 rounds/month of .308 and probably 50 rounds of .223/month. I can keep up with this, no problem.

Once the snow flies, I don't shoot my Mini-14, because it launches my brass into the next county and I can't find any of it, lol.
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