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Training with sub caliber rifles and devices has been around a while and is nothing new. I have a CMMG dedicated .22 LR which is an AR15 in M4 configuration which uses all the same controls as its bigger version such as the charging handle, magazine button, trigger, sights ect. All mine doesn't have is a functioning forward assist. I have been shooting the M16/AR 15 since 1975 and have never had to use the forward assist except for practicing and demonstrating immediate action drills. However for a few dollars more I can get a working version of that on my CMMG dedicated .22LR AR15.

A Ruger 10-22 is good for practicing marksmanship fundamentals but doesn't let you practice with the same controls you have on an M4/AR15 setup. The end objective is to become proficient at operating the weapon without having to think about it.

I almost got in trouble at a course because the instructor told us if we had a stoppage to raise your hand. The pistols we were firing were furnished to us. I had a jam while firing and out of instinct had cleared and continued on firing it before the instructor could say anything. He told me to carry on and not worry about raising my hand. I was using a semi auto pistol that was like one I had trained with so the muscle memory was there. Which is the purpose of a .22LR dedicated AR15 in my opinion.
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