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First, I don't care if he is a felon. I am going to presume that the government does not let people (corporations are people, you know) sell firearms without a valid license. If it is his brother's, father's, an employee's, his bestest buddy from the third grade, whatever, I don't care as long as the government does not care.

Second, I asked for you to tell me something specific about R Guns that led you to feel strongly that one should not buy from them. I don't care about 2003. I care about now, as in "Is it safe for me to buy a rifle from them over the Internet, will I have a hassle getting the products I ordered, will there be problems with not getting quality equipment, etc?" That's what I want to know, and so far the info you have provided has not answered any of those kinds of questions.

Third, I don't like the part about him posting your personal info on the Internet. That is not good, and that raises a red flag for me, but may not wave the flag high enough for me not to purchase from R Guns but it makes me want to be more cautious. Maybe there is something to what you are saying. Maybe, then, you can provide more info, particularly about recent events/purchases/feedback, etc. 2003 was a LONG time ago.
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