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Cheaper calibers without being surplus.

I'm looking to buy a new rifle soon but I am not set on a caliber yet. I currently own a 10/22 Ruger and a Benelli cordoba. Looking through my options, and I am still not sure what I would like so I would like to see some personal opinions from shooters who have actually shot the ammo that they are suggesting. Below is my list of considerations in order of importance:
1. Cheap but not surplus
2. Accurate to at least 100yds
(My 10/22 does not cut it at that length, so better accuracy than a .22lr at that range)
3. Longer barrel life
(I shoot a lot, and will put at least 100 rounds a weekend through with it, my .22 has nearly 10k rounds through it, and the 12 is around 3500.)
4. Ability to take down animals up to but not including deer

So far I have been considering .22 wmr, but I am not positive it will have the power or accuracy at the range I want, but I love the cost of it. It would be nice to also bridge a little farther from .22, help close in the range of .22-12 gauge.

Also, I cannot reload. I wish I could, but I cannot reload with my current housing arrangement. I could possibly in the future although.
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