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Without going into a huge dissertation like I am unfortunately famous for, I just bought a Nikon Monarch 5-20x44mm SF BDC for my new Remington 700 .308. I was close Close CLOSE to buying several Leupold VX3's, probably nothing closer than about to buy and hand the card over at the store, a VX3 4.5-14x50mm Boone and Crockett Illuminated Reticle scope...was over $1000 and I wanted to spend every dime, I really likedth it. I then compared a Nikon Monarch right next to it and wound up liking the Monarch a little more and saving double.. like $550 vs. $1100+ so... I had to go Monarch.

ANYWAY, i did not buy it at the store cause they were astrobuelers .. really not nice. I ordered online from Dick'sSportingGoods and i got 25% off Cyber Monday. When it came in it actually looked like the box had been previously opened and perhaps the scope was a return from someone else? But I couls not prove it, I was super excited, and there was no signs of obvious damage/physical marks.

So I could not get it bored sighted, so I took it to Dicks. The kid tried and sayd Dude we are waaaay off and maximum adjusted, I think its Defective. I said, I think it ight have been a return or defective when I received it but I was really excited about it.he was like, SAY NO MORE we are returning it and ordering a new one on the spot. Which we did, supposed to come in next week Wednesday maybe... Now was I disappointed I am not out shooting yet? Sure.. But DicksSportingGoods went out of their way to help, I am sure it was not Nikons fault it was physically damaged the first time around and no one eve sent t back to Nikon, some shatboi somewhere just turned it around to mt house instead of RETURNING IT to producer.

So these things happen. rereading your post i see no mention of return. Why not just get them to give u a new one, for all tat money you HAVE to. Good luck broter!
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