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Well...since the ".41" is actually .410 and the ".44" is actually a .429...there is much less difference in bore diameter than is indicated by their name.

If Ford's latest hot-rod Mustang was labeled as a "Boss 429" in order to evoke and capitalize on the nostalgia of the 1969 model...but upon inspection was found to be actually 400 or so cubic inches...would all of the magazines crucify Ford?

Damn right.

The .44 Mag is an anachronism born of the Dirty Harry movies, and appeals to a certain portion of the shooting public.

Today, those same people buy S&W .460s and .500s. Most never carry and only occasionally shoot them.

Ask I buying a gun that I want to own and shoot? Or do I want to own a gun that fires the biggest, baddest cartridge around? BT, DT, a long time ago.

The .41 Mag is the thinking man's Magnum. I didn't buy it to impress anyone but me.

All are handloaders' cartridges. Try as many as you like, and make up your own mind.

I have.

Edited to add: the 10mm and the .41 are perfect partners. Both are under-appreciated, but both are very fine cartridges.

No accounting for tastes.

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