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have heard to many horor storys about there accuracy. Looks like you got a good one though
They are on average more accurate than most any rifle I've tried. At least 90% of the horror stories you read about on the internet can be traced back to folks who just cannot shoot a 5 lb rifle. The rifles are at least as accurate as any other, but are unforgiving of less than perfect shooting form. It is much easier to hold and pull the trigger an 8-9 lb rifle on a bench than a 5 lb rifle.

It took me a few months and several range trips to master mine, but it has rewarded me with tiny groups ever since I learned how to shoot it. I typically get groups very similar to the OP's, as does almost everone who figures out how to shoot one. But this is the best group I've ever shot with a centerfire. A bit low however. I was working on load development and intentionally adjusted my sights low so as not to destroy my aiming point.

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