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Anyone know how tough it would be to convert a Ruger KP345 to a decocker only? I had one years ago, but I got it too soon after the introduction and the bugs weren't worked out yet. Mine was terrible, and once I got it working (I think) I sold it because I didn't trust it. However, it was reasonably accurate, a good size and weight for both CCW and the range, and the ergonomics were terrific. On the down side, the slide mounted decocker/safety is an issue. Since it is DA/SA, I could ignore the safety, decock the pistol and rely on the longer and heavier DA trigger as the safety. However, if I reverted to my prior training on the 1911 and attempted to disengage the safety, I'd risk actually engaging it (I'm used to the 1911 style safety where up=safe, down=fire; the 345 uses the old S&W style where up=fire, down=safe). I'd only consider this if the safety could be converted to deocker only relatively easily.
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