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Looking for a new carry .45ACP

I've made some adjustments to my carry rotation. I have long been a 1911 fan. However, I live in MD where it is near impossible to obtain a CCW permit. I have a UT permit for carry when out of MD. So, I only carry part-time (always when somewhere I can carry, but I can never carry near home). Further, the time I have available for practice is not what it used to be and I spend less time practicing my draw.

I have long been a fan of revolvers and DAO autos, as well as DA/SA autos with a decocker but no safety, for my home defense guns. The simplicity of pick it up, ID target, aim, pull trigger, is appealing when extremely tired and awakened from a deep sleep.

So, I've been thinking about simplifying my carry rotation a bit and dropping my S&W 1911SC and other guns that I sometimes carry "cocked and locked" and going strictly to guns with no external safety.

I have several good carry guns to choose from that fit the bill: .38spl through .45LC revolvers, .380 to .40S&W autos. But, dropping my 1911SC from the rotation leaves me without a .45ACP. I am not a hard-core .45ACP guy, I like 9mm through .45ACP pretty much equally. There are times I prefer a 9mm, there are times I prefer a .40S&W, and there are times I prefer .45ACP. I'm more likely to pick the .45 in colder weather months when I have more concealment clothing on. For those times I would like to add a new CCW .45ACP to my list.

A couple guns I'm considering include: the Taurus 24/7 full size and compact, the Taurus PT 845 Compact, the SIG P250 Compact, and the SIG P250 full size. I really like the modular aspect of the P250: get the .45ACP in full sized, compact, or both, and also add other sizes and calibers for relatively cheap later. I know many don't like the trigger, but I have a SIG 290, basically the non-modular single stack version of the P250, with a heavier trigger, and I love it. I may add the SIG P220 Carry to my list, if I find one used. I'm not a huge Glock fan, but I will consider both the G21 and G30. I'd be more likely to consider them if they had a G19/G23 sized .45ACP, and no I'm not really interested in the .45GAP G38.

Must have criteria:
  • Under 32oz.
  • No external safety (DA/SA or DAO are both fine though)
  • 6+ round mags
  • Under $700

Nice to have list:
  • Under 30oz.
  • 10 rounds or more
  • 3.75" barrel: Short barrel .45s are notorious for hollow point expansion issues. One of the reasons to go .45ACP is that, being a larger round, careful ammo selection is less important. Going under 3.5" and careful ammo selection is more important/more difficult than with .40 or 9mm.
  • Night sights
  • Hammer fired
  • Under $550

For those who have posted on my recent thread looking for a larger compact or smaller full sized 9mm or .40, I will buy another gun in that category later (maybe next year), but this .45 would be instead of that gun for now. It was that thought process that brought me to now looking for a .45.

I would love to hear suggestions and reviews of guns that fit my criteria above (with as many of the "nice to haves" as possible).

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