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Pin Tumbler results

I got my pin tumbler in last week and have had time to play with it a little bit. Here are the preliminary results:

On the left is the 9mm range pick-up brass with a heavy patina, on the right is more of the same brass after 4 hours in the pin tumbler. It did not get everything looking 100% like new, but did do a great job even on the inside of the cases and primer pockets. The pinkish looking ones are those that I soaked in lemon juice a while back. Hmmm.... maybe I should make up special batches of those for the ladies.

As a comparison, here is some 9mm mixed lot brass that has been sonic cleaned on the left and more of the same brass that was pin tumbled on the right. The difference is not as drastic but still noticable. Case interiors and primer pockets are cleaner and it does shine a bit better.
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