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Got the gun today! Online Auctions by John was great to work with. John was very courteous, and got me out the door for $23. The casing and the gun were in great shape, so I went home with it.

A few notes: the gun feels great. Very nicely built, and very solid. Took me almost no time to figure out how to disassemble it. Disassembly is very slightly different than a centerfire 1911, but not by much. Instead of removing the recoil spring first, you remove the slide lock first, which allows the slide, barrel, and recoil spring to come out as one piece, very similar to a glock.

I do have one issue with it though, and that's the magazine. I'll call up RIA on Monday to see if they can send me a new one, but the magazine it came with is pure junk. It doesn't fit straight, and it doesn't lock into the gun, meaning you can simply slide it down without pressing the magazine release.

The two ProMag 14-round magazines I bought, which are designed for the Kimber 1911 .22 conversion, did fit much better. I did have one hickup with those, and that's that the top right edge of the magazine rubbed against the slide as the slide moved back in, so I spent a few minutes filing them down and they now work perfectly. I took pictures of the process and will post them in a new thread.

All in all, I like it. Hopefully RIA will send me a good magazine that will lock in like the ProMag magazines do and not give me any issues.
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