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There is a good chance that a squibb incident has killed my tidy little Astra 680 .38Spl 6-shot by putting a bulge in the barrel.
Oh, bummer. And there's probably not much chance of getting it fixed.

A S&W Model 640 .38 5-shot
Another S&W, unknown DA/SA model, with a shrouded hammer, also .38 5-shot
Or a Makarov 9x18 with its 8-shot clip.
Between the S&Ws, it's "hammerless" (internal hammer) vs. shrouded hammer. Shrouded hammer you can, in theory, manually cock and shoot single action. Pick one. I'd probably go hammerless, as double action only is the way you ought to be shooting a snub.

Makarovs are good too. I've owned 4 over time, was down to none, and now have my original Baikal .380 Makarov back. They're rugged and accurate. And no longer made. Parts and magazines ought to be readily available where you are (you being in a country that used to be part of the Soviet Union).

So, in my shoes, if you had to choose one for range and occassional carry, which one and why?
Hem and haw. Probably the hammerless S&W, though any of them would work.

Are the revolvers used?

If you're more interested in shooting targets, get the Makarov. Snubs are harder to shoot well.
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