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Winchester 94 - Trouble Chambering a Round

Picked up a 1956 made Winchester 94 in .32 Special last weekend at an estate sale. When finally closing the bolt the last 3/4" of lever travel is very hard/stiff and closes with a 'snap'. I can isolate the issue to the extractor riding over the rim of the cartridge as the bolt finally closes. I tested by chambering a round and then slowly operating the lever back and forth. Once the extractor is over the rim, the issue doesn't present itself. The firearm is in nearly new condition and if it has been fired, it certainly hasn't been fired much.

I have checked the following:

Extractor cut out in the breech of the barrel is not obstructed
Extractor springs with a bit more pressure then my finger tip can stand (but not much more)

Does the Winchester 94 work on a controlled feed system? Is the cartridge supposed to 'catch' under the extractor before it is chambered? Or is the cartridge pushed into the chamber and the extractor rides over the top upon closing?

I have not disassembled the firearm yet but have cleaned (no signs of powder residue) and lubricated where I think it should be lubricated.

I'm a little stumped on this one and it has been 30 years since I have owned a 94 lever gun and don't remember how the round is chambered. I'm open to any suggestions what the issue might be.

John M.
Mesa, AZ (by the way, it was 70 degrees here today)
John M.
Mesa, AZ
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