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This thread is an interesting read. I like hearing average numbers, hoping no one is using the numbers as a competitive comparison. I have been reloading for about five years now and have never, not once timed my production. Not that I have anything against it; it's just that I haven't done it.

I do everything in batches. I have over a dozen large ammo cans that I use to sort all my brass. One for scrap.

- Tumble everything immediately after shooting.
- Deprime and bell everything as I had time between work and school.
- I would then have two ammo cans; one deprived brass, one empty. This created a portable work station, since I don't use the press to prime. I could then go to my moms or the girlfriends house to prime while sitting around.
- These cans would sit around until I could afford powder and bullets.
- Load as funding came in.

Most of my college life I had about 10k brass sitting around. As soon as I could afford bullets they just reverted into empty brass fairly quickly!

I have a rock chucker. I know I can load my 9mm for cheap, my 22-250 for cheap, or for accuracy, .308 for either cheap or accuracy, 30-06 I load only for acuracy.

I started to reload when I was in college to save money on shooting. Turns out, I didn't save a dime. I just shot more. In fact, I think I spent more too.
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