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You guys are insane. Do you know what you are paying for PSA's top shelf parts? You are paying like $0.50 on the dollar.
top shelf parts? What a joke. Is that why they ship out incorrect parts on orders or upper receivers that don't function?

Daniel Defense and Bravo Company are top shelf parts. PSA is budget friendly stuff that 'usually works'.... but they have serious flaws in quality control and customer service. I can handle one or the other, but not both. If you have excellent quality control, you don't need good customer service because very few things come back. If you have excellent customer service, your customers can deal with poor quality control because they know you'll make it right.

Daniel Defense and Bravo Company excel in both of these areas... PSA fails at both.

They can build an okay rifle, sure... but it's definitely not something I would be comfortable betting my life on without putting THOUSANDS of rounds through it. Even then, I'd sooner bet on a new in box Daniel Defense than a PSA that's had 1,000 rounds through it...even if it's been flawless before that.

I gave PSA numerous chances to do the right thing. I placed orders with them several times even after having poor experiences. When they simply ignored repeated emails and phone calls about a complete upper assembly that was obviously very wrong.... they lost all respect from me. I documented that endeavor here... I'm sure you can find it if you search my old threads.

You can say what you want about their prices, but that is NO excuse for having a **** poor customer service program in place. If you don't want to talk to your customers then at least have the courtesy to say so, instead of an answering machine that is perpetually full and incessantly drones on about being busy with other customers or packing boxes.

If business is that good, if you are THAT busy, you can certainly afford to hire a minimum wage school girl to give your customers a real live human being to talk to.
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