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1stMar, let me finish all the shooting and testing, and then I might do it. I still have the Lee collet neck sizing die and the Redding FL bushing die to use to load ammo for testing. If I stopped the test right now, without trying those dies, the best (smallest) overall group goes to the Redding FL sizing (non-bushing) die. BUT the neck sized group, although somewhat bigger horizontally, had more bullets in the middle of the group in one ragged and elongated hole. Very interesting. I wish I knew what that meant. If it means that my NK sizing die is pulling the necks slightly off line on some of the cases, then maybe the Lee collet die is going to alllow me to shoot really great groups. But, so far nothing has turned out like I had expected, so who knows what we'll see from those dies. I do expect and hope for slightly smaller groups, but realistically this is an off the shelf Ruger Hawkeye stainless with a Timney trigger and a Hogue stock with the aluminum bedding channel and a Leupold 6x18 VX2 scope. No way it's gonna put all the rounds in one hole, but if the 3/4 inch group drops to 1/2 inch I'd be thrilled - but I just can't really see that happening. But stay tuned.
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