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Why is it that, when we discuss stopping power, the discussion trends toward our SD rounds (whatever the caliber or load) being shrugged off by the bad guy.....but the BG's guns & ammo has no problem striking us down like the Hammer of Thor?.....

....does this seem right to you?.....
In my reading of the posts here I do not see what you are claiming.

If in fact this does occur though, it may be because the bad guy is the assailant with the a premeditated attitude and a goal of killing his victim. Where on the other hand the victim is reacting in surprise, fear and whatever to the attack, if they are aware at all.

This brings to mind what Jeff Copper taught with his color codes. He taught that it was nearly impossible for someone to make the change of attitude of white to yellow in sufficient time to react with the necessary force to save their life. He considered it to take too much time for someone in condition white to assess the situation, accept the threat, and then move into the attitude (yellow or orange or red) to be able to offer violence in return for the attack that precipitated it all.

I agree with:
Brian Pfleuger

Expect to get hurt.
Expect to hurt back.
Never give up until the light fades.
I might add:
Do not expect the fight to end with the showing of your firearm.
Do not expect the fight to end if you deliver two shots center of mass.
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