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Seeker you are 100% right, I've said so over and over again, in this forum. As someone who has actually seen the effects of a GSW on a person (Retired nurse) it takes a lot to incapacitate a determined human.
Sometimes only the catastrophic loss of blood is enough and death is the reason for the incapacitation. We used to look at at each other after we would see really severe trauma's from any source and ask ourselves how they even made it to us alive let alone pulled through.
This was not at all unusual. Here is a useful fact to add to this though, the ones who remained conscious and fought for life seemed to be able to take far more damage and live.
I know that sounds almost too simple. "They were hurt less, that was why they were awake." No, quite often the ones who were unconscious seemed to be hurt less, and we were surprised they didn't make it. Human will is an amazing, wonderful, thing don't underestimate yours.
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