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Perhaps part of the 'problem' from the business folks point of view is that guns last a long, long time.

When folks in the general public, not the gun aficionados, think they need a gun and then they buy a gun, then they’ve GOT the gun and they don’t buy more. (You see they’re not like US here at TFL at all.) In the general public there might not be a lot of repeat business and the market may become saturated.

On the other hand, maybe lots of folk will start shooting, find out what a great sport/recreational activity it can be and buy more guns. Although even if this happens I wonder if there isn't some kind of 'saturation' point.

Also with the current boom in sales, and good profits maybe the gun makers invest in themselves and come out with even more and different guns or even go back and make some popular reproduction guns. Certainly Ruger and S&W to name a couple have been pretty innovative over the last few years.
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