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If you had to choose between these two as a potential carry gun,

which would you choose and why?

There is a good chance that a squibb incident has killed my tidy little Astra 680 .38Spl 6-shot by putting a bulge in the barrel.
Whenever I did carry, that was my choice: largely due to its size and the ridiculous "semi chamber empty" carry law that they have locally. I did not really feel under-equiped with 6 .38s, but given the choice between a 6-shot and a 5-shot, I was happy with I found this little snub carried an extra shot.

Whilst I will still test to see if the little snub can shot accurately, I have nonetheless started keeping my eyes open for a replacement.

I once saw another 680 going for good money (although not as cheap as mine had beeb). Aside from that the choices that are close to my budget are:
  • A S&W Model 640 .38 5-shot
  • Another S&W, unknown DA/SA model, with a shrouded hammer, also .38 5-shot
  • Or a Makarov 9x18 with its 8-shot clip.

Those are really the only ones I could stretch to.
All of them cost way more than the Astra had been, although the Mak is the cheapest by some margin, comes with spare mags and some rounds.

Both S&Ws are miles away, but I already have the dies to load for them and one of them has a holster, although my Galco should fit it too.
The Mak is local, but I lack the dies necessary at this time.

So, in my shoes, if you had to choose one for range and occassional carry, which one and why?
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