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The remmy model 14 was a favorate of mine that I never was able to own. A buddy had several of them. Interesting design for the tube mag in that you can use spitzer pointed bullets in a tube. The bullets curles around the prinmer as round were fires and never did you have primer to bullet nose.

They competed with the lever rifle f the day just could not sell as many. but was around for 30 years or better. Yea leave the sight be as is. If you still have good eye site they have a fine set set of open sights with in the cartidges design

Ammo - Hope you reload?? Ammo is hard to find, mostly old and costly.

You could do the same thang the 32remmy can do with a rifled slug barrel for that 870 and maybe better and father with a cantilevered barrel a scope and a sabot slug like hornady's sst slugs. Good for 200 yards.
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