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Why ? I, too, enjoy shooting. However, this just seems a good way to wear out equipment. That quantity of rounds expended will NOT make for improved shooting capabilities. Once one passes a certain point, in terms of training purposes, additional rounds will not improve one's abilities. That "certain point" of rounds expended will vary with the individual. I think that the more important issue is being sure to stay in practice, that is, shoot often enough so as to not "get rusty", rather than the number of rounds expended.

I seriously doubt if even top national competitors shoot quite that much - especially after they become that good.

If I tried to shoot that much, I'd get bored with it. It would start to seem like WORK.

No offense intended, but, are you simply trying to impress everyone in some way? I hope not, because it doesn't make it - at least not for me. Are you trying to set a record, perhaps ?

I have to ask, as well.....don't you have a job to go to ?

Your choice - do as you like. And, best of luck with your endeavor. I REALLY don't mean to sound offensive - and I'm truly sorry if it seems that way. However, I'm sorry to say this, but, in my view, this will simply be a waste....of time, money and equipment....with nothing really to show for it.

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