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Just to clear this up for the pessimist amount us.... I practice REGULARLY at 75yards and have shot and shoot many times at over 200yards. I would have thought it was apparent I just didn't pull this shot out of my butt this one and only time. It was the first time I had a chance to use it in the field.
Hunting is all about calculated risks. You want guarantees, then go to the grocery store and stay out of the woods. I have taken 80-100 deer with a bow, 3 black bear, hundreds of turkeys, coyotes, and dispatched more farm animals that would fill a grocery store. I have been hunting since I could pick up a bow and gun. I know what wounded animals are all about and my concept of suffering and humane kills are quite solid. I typically am the guy that puts down the deer thrashing along side of the road by car strikes. Not to sound defensive but,...know YOUR own personal limitations and not judge (or guess) what mine might be. Would I take this shot again????Absolutely as long as the conditions that were present at the time were the same. (Relaxed deer, no wind, solid rest and plenty of prep time.). Remember the bullets moving faster than the speed of sound for most of its flight. Stepping out of the kill zone is not a factor, especially with a relaxed deer feeding.
"I'm a good guy with a gun" What do I care if I give up some freedom or rights?....The Goverment will take care of me. This kind of thinking is now in the majority and it should concern you.

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what free entitlements you can bleed from your country"

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