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I see so many people trying to get a cheek weld on the rear, higher comb portion of the AK's stock, which is wrong, and would give the impression that the stock is short.
Sorry, I should have said that it's way too short for me.

It really has nothing to do with cheek weld, it's the distance from the trigger to the end of the stock. Granted, I am relatively tall and my LoP is longer than most, and the length of the adjustable stock I feel most comfortable with is about 3 inches more than the standard AK stock (shown below on top of my usual bench shooting length). If I was carrying the rifle around all day I might go a click or two shorter, but I find shooting the standard length AK almost painful, whereas I can shoot mine all day long with the longer stock.

Actually, it has the same LOP as 99% of all other combat stocked guns, right around 13", and isnt "short".
If that's the case, I wonder why an adjustable stock is such a popular upgrade for ARs?

My rifle's LoP was 12.5" by with the red stock shown below. Putting on the adjustable stock made all the difference in the world for me.

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