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The problem has been solved. I talked to the manager at the LGS he dropped the price on the 1895 Marlin in 45-70 for me. I will not say by how much, though I will say it was a fair deal for them, and me. I shot it today with 20 rounds of hand loads, using 350 grain lead flat points, with a load of Trail Boss.

I cleaned it up last night, and went to Cabella's this morning to get the brass, dies, bullets, and primers. I also picked up a cheapo sling.

It took 5 shots to settle, and foul the barrel. After that I put 13 of 15 shots in a 4 inch target at 25 yards using the iron sights, and a front sand bag for 10 shots, then 5 shots kneeling with my elbow rested on my knee. I am sure if I would have worn a hat to keep the setting sun out my eyes all of the shots would have been in the square.

I am happy with the rifle, it works as it should, no problems.
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