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By grouping I just meant to be able to fire 2-3 shots in a rapid succession to possibly emulate a HD situation
Concentrate on accuracy - hitting the X on the target, then worry about speed.
Cadence and or rhythm is more critical to learn/get down than actual rate of fire.
In D/A shooting you want the time between each shot to be as even as possible. Once you get to that point, the rest (actual speed) just falls into place.
Don't try to rush things.

Work first on timing your individual shots and making them go exactly where you want them to go.

I asked because usualy tthe terms "group" or "grouping" refer to the size of the pattern your shots make in the target.
My advice there is to forget all about that for the time being.
Just concentrate on hitting the X in the target.
The "groups" - the size of the spread of shots in the target - will take care of themself.
The better you get, the closer together the individual shots are going to be.

Re; rapid fire (what you called "grouping") with a S/A.
Yes - it's possible. I'm honestly 50/50 on whether to go into it in detail or not.
Part of me says i may confuse you, but, another part of me says it may be better if you learn it from scratch w/out having anything to compare it to.

The technique is called slipping the trigger. .
It's not "fanning" where the trigger is held back and the hammer "fanned" with the palm, ala the old cowboy movies.
(please - do your gun a favor and never do that.)
(while were at it, don't ever flip the cylinder closed on a D/A revolver either)
There's a few threads here that go into it - slipping the trigger.

Jim March (the guy that wrote the revolver checkout that pinned to the top of the forum) is the go to guy for that technique.

Re: speed loaders - yes, there is somewhat of a learning process.
Personally, I don't like or use a speedloader.
I was taught what most would consider an outdated method.
I load two loose rounds at a time. I don't recommend that method.
Speedloaders are the way to go.
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