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I'm not great on gun terminology. By grouping I just meant to be able to fire 2-3 shots in a rapid succession to possibly emulate a HD situation. Obviously cant do that in SA.

Yeah I understand DA revolvers can use speed loaders. However I assume there is a lot of merit in being able to practice the technique of using a speed loader after you discharge all of the rounds in the cylinder.

Obambulate: you mentioned a used S&W model 317. How much are good used 317's. Being relatively new to guns I don't know how comfortable I would be purchasing a used revolver. I know there are cheat sheets out there on things to look for. Is it advisable to be more knowledgeable about guns before buying used? I dont want to become a sucker.

I dont have to pay hourly range fees so the SA may not bother me as much as some. But I do agree that ejecting each round from a Single six/ten can get annoying after a while.
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