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Thanks for the replies.

I'm set on a revolver because that's what I like to shoot and until I'm around semi autos for many years I just don't believe that me or my GF would feel comfortable in a stressful situation using a semi automatic. We both also just love revolvers.

I want the .22 to be fun but also have the skills translate into SD.

Regarding the SP101 trigger. If I were to buy that and get a trigger job (not sure the price on that) I might just be better off getting a S&W. Unless trigger jobs are cheaper than I'm assuming this could be an option.

I guess I could get the Ruger single six/ten for fun and trigger practice.
I could then use my eventual home defense gun for practice with grouping and reloading a cylinder that swings out. Will using the different grip of a SA revolver really hurt me when it comes to firing a DA revolver.

Are there any other options i'm missing?
Used S&W in my price range I hear are hard to come by. Tarurus, Charter Arms, H&R, etc seem to be crap shoots. Some work great some don't. Not sure I want to risk having that hassle.
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