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Actually , I did remove the magazine disconnect and yes , the trigger pull does feel smoother (not as gritty) and a bit lighter in pull...however , I'm having second thoughts about the removal of it for liability reasons if for some very remote possibility of an accidental discharge which this could become an issue ! I've been checking out some out sources like Cylinder & Slide that claim to reduce the trigger pull to about 5 lbs with the disconnect left they can install the non-bite type hammer I'm looking for as well and other parts & services to enhance the performance of the BHP !
If you are going down to a 5lb trigger what difference does the magazine disconnect make? I remove the magazine disconnect on all of my BHPs. It does not really lighten the trigger pull but it does make the pull smoother. A 5lb trigger is going to be questioned more in the case of a ND than the mag disconnect IMHO.

C&S does great work on BHPs they also make a lot of nice BHP parts. They are most well known BHP shops. Others to consider are Wild West Guns, Novak & Action Works. They all do great work. Here are a few pics of my custom BHP which was done by Wild West Guns and has C&S parts: Wide Trigger, Commander Hammer and Sear & wide thumb safety.

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