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Since your question is tangentially about scoring points and making a good impression on the father-in-law and others at deer camp, here is some non gun related advice:

Come prepared with proper clothing and gear. Don't be that guy trying to borrow essential gear from strangers because you did not plan ahead.

Help out whenever you can. Cook. Clean dishes. Collect firewood. Help set up camp. Help other's track, move and field dress their deer.

Use good judgement in the stand and only take ethical shots you are confident will result in a dead deer.

Never complain. Ever.

Listen respectfully to the old salts' stories and advice. Don't tell them they are damn fools, even if you think that is the case.

They may have some rituals or pranks in store for the new guy (that would be you). Be good natured and go along for the ride. Remember, years from now, you will be pulling the same pranks on the new guy.

Have fun.
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