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Personally I don't have any that are just "wall hangers" but that's not to say that there isn't a market for them. I've known several men over the years who wanted something like that to hang on the walls of their restaurants and bars - decorative pieces. I once bought a collection that had a few in it - mostly old damascus barreled shotguns that were missing parts, pieces. I put them out at a gun show I was at - a fellow came along with his young son looking for "projects" he could work on with his son as his sone really was getting to like guns - especially older ones. He was a nice fellow and his son was a very nice kid - reminded myself of me when I was his age with his interests. I ended up giving him three of them as I could tell he didn't have a whole lot of money to spend. They were thrilled. He later sent me some photos of one that they had "fixed up". He'd helped his son refinish the stocks and re-blue the metal, etc. Even though I hadn't charged him anything for them, I got my payment just seeing the results and knowing that they had done some father/son bonding.

Just don't go overboard on what you pay for them. Most of 'em are worth more in "parting out" IMHO than as a assembled gun.
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