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Newby here...need advice.

I've been a hunter/fisherman/outdoorsman all my life. But I never got into black-powder. Now I'm getting the hankering to try it out. I've been looking around some, lurking on this Forum, etc...Anyhow, I figure the best way to get started in something brand new is ask the folks who've been doing it a while and save yourself some groping around in the dark.So...

I found a rifle I think I might like as an "entry-level" to try this stuff out. Upgrade later if I find it something I want to do. I tend to think I'd prefer the "traditional" side-lock percussion rifles, to start with, anyway. But I don't want to drop a thousand bucks into the sport until I've had some experience and decide I like it enough to do that. What's the advice regarding this rifle you might want to share with me?

Also, I can tell there's a laundry list of accessories I'll need to clean/load/shoot/enjoy the sport. If you'd be so kind to share some of the knowledge you have gained with your experience, I could use a list of "must-haves" for the required activities. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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