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i did alot of thinking on this in the last few weeks. i know when its freezing or 100 out trips will be shorter but on spring and fall days 4-5 hour long range days will easily fill in for the short or missing days. I routinely do 1000 round days where i will bring 3 or 4 different guns and run drills and stance training as well as other stuff.

with the 350 per day i figure that will be 1-2 hours a day. my gun club is 2 minutes away from my job so it is convenient for me. And they have 4 ranges from steel target to fixed nm style spots.

Just curious how its only 30 to 40 for 1k of 45. Primers and powder seems like it would be around that alone.
I cast my own bullets so all i pay for is powder and primers. all my lead is scrap range lead and my brass is all recovered range brass.
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